Is Your Furnace Struggling to Keep You Warm?

The Birmingham area may not be known for bitterly cold winters, but your furnace should still keep you warm. It’s not a good sign if your home heating system just doesn’t seem up to the task anymore. Here are a few possibilities to explore if your furnace can no longer bring the heat.

Failing Components

No matter how well you maintain your heating system, there’s simply no way to completely prevent mechanical problems. Parts will occasionally wear out under the burden of cold weather. Filters will eventually clog up and prevent your system from operating efficiently. In many cases, simple furnace repairs are all that’s needed to get your system working properly. An experienced technician can inspect your system, diagnose the issue, and have your home toasty warm again in no time.

Outdated Equipment

Depending on the age of your system, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to swap it out for a new furnace replacement. Furnaces are typically built to last around 15 to 20 years. If your unit has passed three-quarters of its service life, a furnace replacement may be a wise investment. Modern furnaces are far more efficient than older models and can save on utility costs for years to come. They’re also less likely to require furnace repairs, saving you money on heating maintenance costs as well.

Improper Sizing

The heating capacity of a furnace is measured in British thermal units per hour (BTUH). You can also measure the heat your home loses through leaks and other inefficiencies in the same units. If your home loses more heat than your furnace can supply, it’s going to be a struggle to stay warm. This problem is more likely if your furnace has always had heating problems or if you’ve recently expanded your home.

There are many potential causes, but there’s no reason to accept a furnace that doesn’t keep you comfortable. If you’re experiencing this issue, explore One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating’s furnace services or call (205) 512-3429 to speak with a trained representative.